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We Shall Be Free

We Shall Be Free

I wrote this poem for The Cowboy Cabaret, but I also use it in Will Rogers Revived, although, I haven’t yet added the musical component to Will. I’m pretty sure Garth Brooks would dig it though.


It’s a difficult thing to find the solutions to problems that we’ve made ourselves
It’s often rather tempting to stash our hopes up on the shelf
We are a crazy species us homo sapiens
While we are a pretty creative bunch, it’d be great if we could make amends
For all our brilliant fervor and things that we have done
It’s a might bit disconcerting, the things we’ve done for fun
We’ve cordoned off our imaginary lines of real estate and borders
To ensure that somewhere each of us is an alien interloper
We’ve enslaved ourselves to serving those who only serve themselves
We find every reason we can to fight, but far too few to help
You’d think for all our ingenuity we’d find a better way
But we’re too concerned with who’s shtooping who and what celebutantes have to say
But I’m still somehow hopeful from the leaders I have seen
That if we just remember how to love, we can all be free.



If you enjoyed the poem, get a copy of The Poetry of The Cowboy Cabaret, Volume 1 for this poem and more.

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