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Understanding August Early

Understanding August Early

I’ve seen you, 

dancing in your tropical heatwave

in your search for albino smiles and licorice whips

you say they don’t mean anything to you

but I see the way you shrug them, 

and still find something to love beyond your apathy 

for although there is much that we dismiss 

in our epic game of attention

there are still those frolicking popsicle sticks and water skiing platypi

that touch us in ways we don’t quite understand

and these harbingers of connection to what we cannot comprehend

as they contribute to the mold that makes us 

in our kaleidoscopic landscape of chasms and giggles

where each of us plays out our role 

in this farcical satire of nothingness 

enduring the ramshackle developments 

Of sequined contusions and coddled abominations 

we are each left to find our way 

through effervescent fields of get rich quick schemes and repurposed sugar

Drawing the definition of value from those with no inner wealth

shackled to the slavery of our forefathers

still suckling at the teat of our mother

as she lies raped and bleeding

And those parasol prospects that you once envisioned 

that you thought would carry your soul away 

and place it somewhere out of reach 

of the spreading plague of bedazzled ant farms 

intent on covering their obsessions with sparkles 

to replace the crumbs that were left from their crumbling

when the camel finally broke its back on the needle in the ant farm 

when the world came crashing down

I would have liked to have missed what never was

but I didn’t care for it all that much anyway 

and the isness that currently is 

still offers butterflies made of concrete and plenty of peppercorn sweetness 

as we all try to find our way through the darkness that blinds us 

to our own blazing indifference

which may very well be the greatest gift we have received 

from the galactic council of remediations

that our indifference will blaze so that our differences can be made

Because whatever you think is coming 

down this railroad track turned to bike trail 

on its way to overthrow the interstate

you better believe that it’s coming with a whistle 

that will remind you of your favorite movie 

and the scene that made you swallow

after you scratched your head with your hot buttered fingers 

and it finally dawned on you

and before you could even switch to potato chips 

you understood why 

we were coming down those tracks 

and just how many whispering, dog-eared moments 

would be coming right behind us.

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