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Better Citizenry Through Sovereignty

Better Citizenry Through Sovereignty

A few years ago, on an Independence Day during the Obama administration, I read through Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence paragraph by paragraph, and responded with an updated Declaration of Independence of my own. It was nothing personal against Obama. We share the same birthday, and ultimately, I think is a pretty good man. However, the organization that he was selected to lead has a grossly ill-conceived methodology by which it operates. From what I have gleaned during my last 48 years on the planet, it may very well be that the machine of government we as a people formulated over 240 years ago may just be corrupted beyond repair, and I am skeptical of the idea that any one person can put it on a proper course.

At the end of my Declaration of Independence, I declared myself a free and sovereign individual as well as the sole citizen of the Autonomous Nation of Stevetopia. As someone who currently lives two miles from where I was born, I believe that I have native rights to participate in decisions that will affect the world I inhabit and what activities I must perform in response, so I do reserve the right to participate in any democratic activity I can in order to best serve my fellow citizens. However, although I do hold allegiance for the people that live here and around the world, I have long since stopped pledging allegiance to the flag and the republic for which it stands. While I appreciate the role that the United States Federal Government has played in the development of the world around me, I still recognize it as a fallible, man-made institution that does not deserve my eternal allegiance, for that is reserved for my Creator.

It has been a number of years since I have worked a job in which the government took money that I had earned before I got paid. Since then, I spent a little while not using money at all, and then I used it a little more frequently, and as I have performed services since, I do so as an independent contractor and sovereign citizen of the world, allegiant to none, but of service to all.

I do still see the need to support the United States Federal Government, and it is my plan to do so, but as a stakeholder in the world we share, and someone who recognizes that for the first time in human history, we have the technology to create an actual working democracy, I want more of a say in how that money is spent than the current operating system allows.

As more of the population participates in the gig economy on a daily basis, it is my hope that the model I develop using what I call ABC2 Economics will be of service to this next generation, giving the citizenry of the planet greater economic influence by allowing them to choose what to fund. The basis of ABC2 Economics is that it allows people the opportunity to automatically channel their financial flow to address the various facets of their lives, empowering them to be the Artists of the world they inhabit, with the ability to participate in Business and commerce, having the power to engage as Citizens in a true democracy, and the capacity to share Charity with the greater world community in order to lift up the fallen and restore what we have destroyed in our quest for endless growth.

Currently, federal government takes money from its citizens and assumes the authority of meting it out in order to support the national economy. Since I was a young child, I’ve always heard that organization described as inefficient, wasteful, and corrupt, and I have seen little to no evidence to ever disprove that concept. Personally, I feel that the economic energy created through my activity in the world, as I use my time to practice my talents and put them to good use, should first more directly affect the local community in which I participate, and then be streamed out to the larger participating organizations. So, using the citizenry portion of ABC2 Economics, I can direct financial energy to my immediate community, my city, county, state, and then finally, the cohesive glue of the federal government, just enough to hold the rest in place instead of assuming itself so large that it homogenizes everything.

In the years since not using money, I don’t think I’ve ever made over $12,000, which has put me at a pretty convenient poverty level in which I have been able to lay low and strategize without the IRS coming to arrest me for the money they feel entitled to. But as I make money using my time and my talent, neither of which have been provided to me by the United States Federal Government, I do not feel that that organization has the right to usurp my economic energy for its own purposes. Since I do not believe that its hunger for endless growth and penchant for enabling the mental illness of greed to imbalance our entire economic structure is serving the people to whom I am allegiant, nor is it beneficial to the planet we all inhabit. For me to blindly acquiesce to the forceful apprehension of my earned revenue is akin to spitting in the face of God. I do not believe that putting the fate of the world into the hands of the top 1% of the citizenry is a wise strategy, and it is my hope that my efforts will help incite the Revolution of Wisdom.

Are you ready for the Revolution of Wisdom?
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Keep checking back to find out how my experiment works.

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