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The Wisdom Revolution

The Wisdom Revolution

a transaction was once thought to be

an exchange between buyer and seller

but that’s like saying that banking

is just about the teller

now we know there’s a whole lot more

that goes in to each transaction

every purchase we make

sets off a chain reaction

of how we create more supply

to comply with every demand

and who does what with what we’ve got

but we’ve got to understand

that not all demands are worthy

and we need not cater to them

some resonate with lower vibrations

and scientists have proven

that life exists outside the bounds

of our mythical free market

and a higher quality of life

should really be our target

as we stand here in the now

and aim into the future

can we envision our species as more

than merely mindless consumers

while it’s true

that when you appeal to our base desires

and spur it along with manipulation

we’ll follow along and buy what you’re selling

and we’ll often give in to temptation

when you inflate and deflate our egos

and mix in some manufactured scarcity

and promote greed and fear and competition

it’s the perfect recipe

for taking advantage

of the selfishness we’re born with

and the instinct for self-interest

but if there’s more to life then there’s more to us

and there are ways that can be different

what if we built an economy

on the abundance that we have

if we realize life is more than a market

there’s no limit to the things we can

achieve when we realize who we are

at our very core

we are friends and family and community members

and the people that live next door

we are the relationships we cultivate

and the environments we maintain

and if the power went out

and all the money was gone

we are what would remain

and here we are on this life-giving planet

and for this moment we exist

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again

life is such a gift

imagine if we had the power

to direct the flow of our transactions

what if we could guide our money

to make what we want happen

what if, when we were paid

our money was channeled automatically

because when it all comes down to it

it’s only information and energy

what if we can use it more wisely

than the models to which we’re beholden

where the elite have all of the money and power

so they also have all the control and

the rest of us don’t have much say

on how we move forward together

but based on the human innovation i’ve seen

i think we the people can do better

considering how we’ve balanced things out before

there are four variables to our economy

how we practice the art of living

through our business, citizenry, and community

so let’s begin with the end in mind

and realize we’re all one big global community

the spirit of life infuses us all

and now may be all we’ll ever know of eternity

but we know we’re all connected

we know we’re all sisters and brothers

and if we’re going to realize

a life of resilient abundance

there’s no need for so many to suffer

so let us all agree right now

the things we do have consequence

what if every economic interaction we make

serves to lift up human consciousness

as churches have done for ages

with their tithes and other offerings

what if 10% of every transaction

went to heal the world and alleviate suffering

we don’t have to be religious

to want to give back and help out the needy

and when you’re living a truly abundant life

there’s just no need to be so greedy

since each of us are different

and we each have different passions

we each get to choose what we support

which endeavors, organizations, and actions

what if we could change how much we give

because some of us may want to give more

some of us have realized the joy that comes

by serving the homeless, the sick, and the poor

the truth is we’re already doing this

but we can do it much more fluidly

because if we want

the money in our economy to flow

we’ve got to treat it like a currency

if we automate the golden rule

by channeling some of our energy

to our community

what if we also participate in the world

by channeling some of it to our citizenry

as it stands, governments take our money

to pay the house and senate

they do a lot of things we don’t want them to do

as they decide how they can best spend it

with bigger countries, there’s a lot of waste

as they let the money trickle down

to the people who really need it

but what if we could turn that around

what if we could decide where our support goes

what if we start from the bottom up

what if we invest first in our local communities

would the system be less corrupt

if we could choose

the initiatives we want to support

and have public servants who follow the will

of, by, and for the people

was how things were promised

but we’re still trying to fulfill

the potential of those people

and the power of participation

it could very well be that democracy

is going to require a bit more engagement

most of us have the wherewithal to know

that governments should work for humans

but we’ve still got quite a few tweaks to make

before this is a more perfect union

for quite a long while

we’ve been led to believe

that to be a good citizen

is to support the government

but there’s a greater loyalty we should consider

with our planet we should make a new covenant

while we should patronize our various governments

for as long as they are relevant

as good citizens

we should take better care of the earth

and try to use some more intelligence

on how we use the resources we have

of time and space and nature

and for all that we’ve screwed up so far

we should start buying it back by the acre

what if we expand our forests

plant more seeds and let life grow

invest in wilderness and diversity

just imagine what we could sow

while it’s true we’re a global community

life’s about much more than humans

embracing that knowledge is a very big part

of the wisdom revolution

This is an excerpt from the book Steve McAlphabet Explains ABC Squared Economics. Go to to find out more.