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Your Daily Groove – The Wisdom of Water

Your Daily Groove – The Wisdom of Water

“All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was.” – Toni Morrison

The movement of water is always effortless, whether it be a simple stream following its path or the ebbs and flows of the ocean tide. Water always knows where it is going and is in no hurry to get there as it follows its continuous cycle of evaporation, precipitation, and flow. Though it takes many forms and is constantly in a state of change, it always meets the needs required of it, going with the flow because it has become the flow.

It is remarkable that the human body is comprised of 75% water, naturally designed to go with the flow of life, to become part of the flow of life, yet we somehow still seem beholden to the 25% that desires stagnation and solidity, creating stress, angst, and pain. Would that we could only identify more with the natural flow coursing through us and the wisdom contained therein, think of how much more fluidly we could course through life. It is by adhering to this natural flow that we will one day realize from whence we have come and find our way back to it.

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