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Your Daily Groove – The Pronoun We Need To Use Is “We”

Your Daily Groove – The Pronoun We Need To Use Is “We”

“Sometimes afraid of reunion, sometimes of separation: You and I, so fond of the notion of a “you” and an “I,” should live as though we’d never heard those pronouns.” – Rumi

Although we each face this world as individuals, with our own individual development, our own individual perceptions, our own individual needs, and our own individual desires, we must come to a place where we realize that we are all One. Although 7 billion individuals occupy this swirling clod of dirt, it is still but one clod of dirt. As we engage in our own development, act from our own perceptions, meet our own needs, and set our own goals, every activity we perform from thought to deed has a profound effect, although often unnoticeable or unheeded, upon every other individual sharing this existence.

It is indeed true that we are many. From our variations in traditions, cultures, races, belief systems, religions, education, and even individual style, we comprise a myriad of differences that pepper the world with a literal cornucopia of solitary beings. Nevertheless, as complex as this kaleidoscope may appear to the naked eye, it is all comprised of the same stuff. Beyond the pretenses that we so often engage in and use to draw lines of separation, although we are many, we are all still One.

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