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The Economy Beyond The Market

The Economy Beyond The Market

as we participate in business

we establish what we call a market

this is where we need to use our heads

we would be wise if we would hearken

the lessons that history has taught us

as we still continue to learn

what we’re actually capable of

and how we should discern

where we put our attention

and how we find our purpose

how we use our time and talent

so that we can be of service

so we connect with like minds

who like what we have to offer

we look for win/win situations

so that both of us can prosper

where we have not used business well

is where it’s a winner take all game

and history has proven

that we do better when we collaborate

much of the business we have going on right now

is making a pretty big mess

and we seem to have made it our business

to disdain and diminish

our true wealth for sheer busy-ness

for the last one hundred years

we’ve been the unwitting subjects

of psychological marketing

and advertising campaigns

by people who are totally obsessed

with ensuring that we’re just good consumers

who keep making garbage

which makes them more money

and i know that it can get so much worse

and it is not going to be funny

when we’ve cut down all the rainforests

and sucked up all the oil

where we can no longer drink the water

or grow anything in the soil

and all that’s left of humanity

is this ledger of our accounting

our silly belief that we control anything

with our most ubiquitous art form is astounding

but there is a chance we can use this tool

and it could bring greater benefit

if we can build on our nature to collaborate

and not always have to be so competitive

as we moved from industry to information

we became different types of consumers

and in the revolution we’re spinning into

we’ve all become lifelong learners

now that so many tasks have been replaced

with artificial intelligence

let’s promote humankind, empower education,

and invest in our own excellence

we are all the artists of our lives

we are the players on this stage

we color ourselves with emotions

we write a new beginning on every page

our species is the only one

that makes up all these stories

we constantly regale ourselves

with fables and allegories

we tell the stories of the gods who came before

to hammer everything out

and though we repeat these tales, way down deep

we also have our doubts

we’re told the story of creation

and how all this was made for us

it does us little good to question it

so we just go along and trust

that the leaders who say they’re our leaders

were placed there by some greater intelligence

but as we’ve come to realize

usually it’s just dumb luck and happenstance

we tell stories about our differences

we’ve come up with races, classes, and factions

but our most amazing story is one we all share

it is the most incredible of our abstractions

this unit of value we all agree to

this symbol we have of our unity

there is no other story that we’d rather tell

than the one that we tell about money

yet the story we’ve told in the past

has been based on debt and based on scarcity

but we’ve gotten ourselves to the point

where we can now

move forward with much more creativity

the first thing we need to realize

is we’ve made it all up to this point

after slavery was abolished

money was a pretty good tool to exploit

the labor of the masses to serve the profits of a few

but with a growing class of billionaires

we should probably start anew

for the time being

let’s just deal with what we’ve got

and see where the money has been dammed

and then let’s get that back into the flow

and come up with a better plan

for anyone who has over a billion dollars

let’s get the excess back into circulation

if you think you need more than that

to spend in this lifetime

you should be a mental patient

this obsession we have with this game

of seeing who can snatch up the most

it’s kind of pathetic that we enable this behavior

just so they can boast

some may say

if we take away the right to be a billionaire

we’ll lose the incentive

we’ll lose drive and ambition

but i got to be honest, i’m okay with that

because i think we have an addiction

if selfishness is our highest virtue

and we honor nothing more than greed

then billionaires are perfectly fine

but personally i think we need

to honor people who don’t need as much

people who just want to be

people who don’t want to grind it or crush it

and don’t always need to compete

people who want to make art and make friends

and who want to make every day count

people who don’t need fortune and fame

because they realize that life is about

so much more than the things you buy and collect

it’s the things that you give and let go

it’s about the love you share and ideas you spread

and finding yourself in the flow

and i don’t think the new economy

should be just about how much we can purchase

i think the goal we should all be striving for

is empowering one another to find purpose

so let’s take the excess from the top

and put it where it’s needed

and let billionaires be the leaders we need

by directing the flow to the people

what if we had an income

that was basic and universal

just so we can alleviate poverty

and ensure that every person

has enough to participate

in the economy we’re building

and empower people to build a life

not just make a living

after all, all the money in the world

was made with resources to which we all have claim

so let’s reset and redeal

with more understanding and wisdom

and let humanity start a new game

what if we just paid people

to be the artists of their lives?

you’re paid to show up and just be yourself

but if you’re inspired to apply

your attention and energy to other things

and you start to get ambitious

you learn whatever you need to know

so that you can go about your business

you find allies and build relationships

and network with other partners

you gain other opportunities

and your income starts to get larger

and for every project you work on

invest yourself to make a transaction that’s digital

soon you find yourself with a number of endeavors

that produce an income that’s residual

and you realize the more things that you do

the more that has to be done

and there’s usually a bit of cleanup

after you’ve had your fun

so you direct some of the flow you’ve created

as the artist of your life

to those who empower you to do what you do

organizations and other allies

for healing the planet and lifting up others

you get to be responsible

by giving back and supporting the source

that makes all of this possible

for a while i’ve had this idea

about the technology of the future

but the essence of abc squared economics

is about more than just computers

it’s a way to direct our energy

toward what we really are

we are spirits living in bodies

with fertile minds and wild hearts

and as we continue to realize

the tools that are available

to help us create the lives we envision

there is so much of which we are capable

life is the gift that keeps on giving

to continue to be the artist of your life

find others to serve and you will find business

be part of the greater community

and participate as a citizen

whatever role you’re playing

always give your best performance

and soon enough you’ll find yourself trading

in abc squared economics

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