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Would a Standard Living Allowance Help Us Create a Balanced Economy Without Losers?

Would a Standard Living Allowance Help Us Create a Balanced Economy Without Losers?

Considering this notion of entitlement, most would agree that every person is entitled to a living wage, yet in this ironic age of industry, we have made it necessary for each person to work for that wage as we simultaneously mechanize jobs and minimize the opportunity for employment in a disastrous game of carrot and stick. What if we reconciled ourselves with the fact that we, as a species, largely enjoy the game of finance as a system that can help regulate accountability, productivity, and development, both individual and collective, but that the ultra-competitive, winner-take-all methods that we have come to employ over the last few thousand years have left us wanting? What if we recognize this growth of industry and infrastructure as the mesmerizing pubic hairs of our evolutionary adolescence and grow into the adulthood that awaits us?

For the last seven thousand years, this game of finance has allowed us to have a great deal of fun, and stretch our imaginations as we have challenged ourselves with this mathematical puzzle of fabricated limitations, yet, if we wish to survive as a species, we had best learn to refine our practices to more adequately stand our balance on this spinning dirtclod that we call home before we make it uninhabitable. Not only do we need to recognize that the fuel for our game of finance is largely comprised of the liquified remains of the last dominant species on the planet, and we would be wise to use it sparingly as Mother Nature does not ask for a refill gently, but we need to understand that the cumulative sum of all of the money printed by all of the banks at the behest of all of the governments on all of the continents throughout history, has been created from the imagination of our collective human population, and though we have imagined the majority of into the bank accounts of an ostentatious few, should we utilize the technology at our disposal toward more democratic means, and instill a new set of rules into the game to ensure that every player gets the opportunity to play without having to gamble with their survival, we can create a sustainable way of living in the world.

Currently, our method of valuing human life is of gelatinous consistency and getting thinner. We squabble over establishing a minimum wage, using a tumultuous market to inadequately measure the value of time, energy, resourcefulness, and service that a person offers, and rarely question some sort of maximum wage in this mindset of demanding the necessity for losers so that we can merely have some winners. Although we’ve developed some very creative means of establishing a basis of worth for a human life and the apportionate ingenuity, dedication, industriousness, and skill, it is still rather arbitrary, and the methodology behind valuing one person at ten dollars an hour while another earns a million an hour for doing less has no scientific rationale to it, and no practical limitations to ensure sustainable growth. What if we could assign a value to human life, ensuring a living wage to every member of the species that would ensure that they have an adequate amount to comfortably survive and the guaranteed potential to make more money based upon their participation?

Presently, there are around fifty-nine trillion dollars’ worth of money in circulation or dammed up on the planet. Our current popultion is roughly seven billion people. If we were to ration it out equally, we would each have about 8,429$. Considering that this number is well below poverty-wages means that we are still impoverished as a people because we’ve not yet refined the rules of the game for the greatest amount of success so that this system of finance can rise to its intended goal of being a tool for the well-being of the population.

Monopoly Money [Explored]

In the game of Monoplogy, each player gets 1,500$ to start with, for without that investment, the banker would have no game. Why do we not infuse our populace with such an ability to play? In the game of civilization, what if we empower humanity by valuing their existence and ensuring their participation by automatically meeting their basic needs of safety, security, and health, so that everyone has a stable starting point from with to advance in their relationships, education, profession, self actualization, and participation in society?

What if every person on the planet were to receive a standard living allowance based on their age? An infant would receive 1,000$ for his first year on the planet, increasing incrementally each year so that as a twenty year old he is receiving 20,000$, as a forty year old he is receiving 40,000$, as a seventy year old he is receiving 70,000$, and each and every person is granted the same, to then invest and play with as they wish, while we all create the lives we imagine, and no one need suffer unnecessarily.

Would our economy work better if we all started at the same level, with the ensured ability to pay our way and live an enjoyable life?

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