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Song for the People

Song for the People

After writing the song “Broken” on New Year’s Day, I committed to writing a song a month. While witnessing the theatrics of the Democratic debates and watching the “left vs. right” debacle that passes as American democracy raise its stupid head again, in February, I wrote a song called “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” Now that we’re going through a pandemic, and I see people coming together to support one another, I was inspired to write “Song for the People”.

This song is for the people
For the people
Must have song

A long road lies before us
Before us
The road is long

Society is made by the people
By the people
We’re trapped and free

By The will of the people
Of the people
Who make society

Of, by, and for the people
We’ve built cathedrals, castles, roads, and chains
What will become of the people
If the people cannot be contained?

This world is full of beautiful people
Beautiful people
Who think that they’re ugly

We’ve got people holding on to traditions
That perpetuate limiting beliefs

People are living scared of other people
Afraid of color, sex, country, and disease

Ideas are always separating people
But there’s no limit
To what the people can achieve

Of, by, and for the people
There’s upheaval, mistrust, doubt and greed
What will become of the people?
If we can’t be peaceful, and meet each others needs

This world is filled with just so many egos
Credos, and libidos, flags and fads
We should be seeing allies and amigos
And open to the good we really have

This song goes out to the people
To the people
Who’ll sing along

We are the people
We are one people
We are all one

We’ve made the life that we know
And there will be no
Other life begun

Now, in this eternal moment
We the people know
That we are one

Of, by, and for the people
We’re created equal, we are free
What will become of the people
When the people turn me to we?

If you like the song, please buy a copy from Reverbnation. Thanks

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

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