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Live Music

Since his 2002 debut at the historic Rainbow Room on LA’s Sunset Strip, Steve McAllister has been building a constantly growing repertoire of memorable covers and original songs. Steve honors the spirits of performers like Prince, Frank Sinatra, Hank Williams, Amy Winehouse, Michael Franti, Pink, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Queen, the Rolling Stones, and many more while also making every song his own.

In addition to traditional venues, Steve offers in-home and neighborhood block party performances in order to offer both safer options under the pandemic and to promote community building. A hopeless lifestyle stuntman who has hitchhiked across country, attempted a year without the use of money, and run for public office, his rates are flexible and offerings agile. Find out more.

As a solo performer or with a bevy of other independent musical artists known as the Wandering Soul Band, Steve McAllister is an avid storyteller and wordsmith whose musical compositions reach to the heart of listeners and the challenges and celebrations they experience. Often compared to artists like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, and James Taylor, Steve McAllister has a style all his own.

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