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ABC Squared Economics

The Vision of ABC Squared Economics

After challenging myself to live without the use of money for a year, I haven’t made very much of it. But I have tried to create art that may help people understand what I learned from the experience and how realizing the resources and abundance at our disposal can open us up to a new awareness of true wealth. As an actor, author, comedian, filmmaker, musician, poet, songwriter, and all around lifestyle stuntman, I have a number of products and performances with the capacity to generate multiple streams of residual income, but I have less interest in making a lot of money than I do in ensuring that the currency flows properly and effectively.

The current economic system in play, through capitalism, communism, and socialism, builds on the dominator hierarchy we’ve used to get to this point in our civiliziation building, but it does not yet adequately reflect the networked hierarchy we are moving into. ABC Squared Economics has the capability to help us find balance by creating the infrastructure for a more integrated and innovative economic model. Capitalism creates a lot of Business by appreciating the importance of capital, and communism strives to manage the resources of the community to provide for the Citizenry of the government, and socialism does its best to ensure that the entirety of the Community in the society we’re creating has food, water, healthcare, transportation, and all of the other essentials of life. However, they don’t account for the economy of the individual and the power we have as the Artists of our lives.

For example, any digital transaction that occurs from one of my products or performances, can be channelled to address the Artist, Business, Citizenry, and Community that makes the transaction possible. As the Artist, I am emotionally rewarded by having the ability to spend my time and money how I like doing what I love with what I have. The Business of marketing from development to production, advertisement to delivery will be compensated for their service. Engaging my Citizenry allows me to support local, state, federal, and international infrastructure development, emergency management, and resilience. And my Community is appreciated through the support of charitable organizations and environmental protection to ensure that humanity and those who share our planet with us may enjoy this world together and make beautiful art of this life we share.

For every product I create, the recipients of the financial stream will vary, as will the percentages that are directed to them over time and other variables. Let’s look at a song as an example…

Let’s say I produce a song I wrote recently called “Let It Flow” with a dozen other musical artists and production technicians, and I program 50 percent of the revenue to be channeled to the Artistry of the song. Each of us put in different amounts of time and participation into the production of the song and just like in a points system for a feature film, each of the producers will get their percentage of the profit based on their investment into the project.

Let’s say that 20 percent is channelled to the Business of marketing, development, production, and delivery. Again, affiliate marketers, music platforms, content managers, and other promotional agents will each receive a varying percentage of the revenue developed, and that may change over time as contracts are fulfilled.

Let’s say that 15 percent goes to my Citizenry, with 4 percent going to my city, county, and state governments, leaving 3 percent to go to the federal government. Theoretically, these percentages can change should any project be developed in order to address other developments in my Citizenry. For instance, should a natural disaster occur, I could set a project to direct a greater percentage to my local community for emergency management.

And the remaining 15 percent goes to the Community, with percentages going to whatever charitable endeavors the artists involved with the project wish to support, be it a food bank, homeless organization, wildlife protection, or any other need we may feel passionate about. Of course, all of these percentages could be reappropriated if the artists would more greatly support an endeavor rather than have a bigger percentage for themselves. For instance, it may very well be that a project could direct 15 percent of the revenue to the Aristry and 50 percent to the Community.

That’s my vision anyway. I have very little idea how to implement it beyond my own personal practices, but I’m sure there are people in the world who will.