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Renaissance SRQ

We are at a time in history where we are capable of either having a Renaissance or a Dark Age. The following videos are what I hope are a sign that we are moving toward a Renaissance of Sustainability, Resilience, and Quality of Life.

I support those who think we should respond to Climate Change.

Transition Sarasota hosted a tour of local farms and let me tag along.

I was encouraged by the March for our Lives movement and produced this song and video in support.

The schools in my area grow food forests and gardens.

This is my “Reverse Panhandling” demonstration.

This is how it inspired other people.

About ten years ago, I went around asking people if they thought we would have a Renaissance or a Dark Age. Most of them were pretty optimistic.

It’s sort of amazing that ten years after making this video, I’m living in an intentional community with Don Hall, one of the people featured in this video.

I had the honor to work with the Family Music Festival and help kids with Down Syndrome to get music therapy.