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Get The Bunk Out

Get The Bunk Out is a one-person show performed by Steve McAllister based on the writings and legacy of Will Rogers. The performance offers audiences the opportunity to laugh at America’s political system and includes a hopeful message of kindness and understanding from the words of one of America’s greatest humorists.

Winner of the Humorist Award at the 2018 Sarasolo Festival, Steve’s performance is a delightful experience for audiences of any size and a catalyst for community conversations, appropriate for businesses, community/neighborhood associations, churches, schools, in-home performances, and other performance venues.

McAllister first performed the role of Will Rogers in The Will Rogers Follies at The Players Centre for Performing Arts in Sarasota, Florida. Reviewer Marty Fugate of The Observer stated that, “McAllister has enough of his own charisma to carry the whole show,” which prompted the actor to further develop a one-person performance in which he showcases more of what Rogers had to say.

In 2022, Steve rode his motorcycle 10,500 miles through 24 states and Washington DC to explore the legacy of Will Rogers. Steve shares screening of the documentary he produced from the journey, The Road To Will.

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