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Saturday Night Poetry

Saturday Night Poetry

My friend Bubba Henson was one of three featured poets at a local bookstore called Shelf Indulgence on Saturday evening. Since the event also featured an open mic, I figured I would go support Bubba and take some poetry to share. I have no idea how many poems I have written, but I’ve got plenty to share.

There were two people on the sign up sheet for open mic when I got there. They had signed up as the 4th and 5th on the list, but no one had signed up for the first three spots so I signed up to go 3rd, which meant I actually ended up going 1st. But that’s all right. I’m always will go get balls rolling.

I shared the poem that my upcoming coloring book is based on called “A Group of Critters”, and if the book were finished, I certainly could have sold a few copies. The host said I could have as much time as I wanted between five and seven minutes. I followed it up with a few poems that had come from my “pay what you want poetry” sessions, and kept it a bit under ten minutes altogether.

Other than the fact that they were written on a typewriter using quarter sheets of paper, the poems had no discernible connection. One was for a person who had a clear idea of what they wanted, one I wrote for myself in hopes of attracting my ideal woman, and one for a woman who said I could leave it to my discretion. Though I didn’t have a theme, the audience still liked the poems and going first helped me to relax and enjoy what the other poets had to share.

I’ll share the poem about “A Group of Critters” when the coloring book becomes available, but you can read the other poems below.


The lives we often live
are not the lives that we imagine
as much as we might plan
the unexpected happens
sometimes it feels like life’s a test
and we don’t have the answers
it can seem like life’s a gamble
and all we take our chances
and when things don’t work out
the way we thought they would
and things do not unfold
the way we think they should
the temptation comes upon us
to be sad and to be depressed
for all we wish to make of life
it seems we just make a mess
but we always need remember
but there’s a mystery to life
we don’t know why we must face challenges
or go through so much strife
we may never understand
and there’s nothing to intuit
but as long as we still feel love in our hearts
we’ll have others to help us through it


She should wake up every morning
and see the world as new
everyday is an adventure
to her purpose she is true
she understands herself as spirit
but embraces no religious dogma
she’s more likely to bring healing
then to create a lot of drama
she’s not too caught up in the ways of the world
and she’s open to go with the flow
she doesn’t put on a lot of airs
she doesn’t put on a show
while family means a lot to her
it’s not limited by blood
it’s the community she creates
as with the world she shares her love
she has a strong sense of creativity
and her life is her greatest art
and when she expresses herself
she expresses from her heart
if she doesn’t want to do something
there’s just no way to make her
but she appreciates the simple things
and loves time spent in nature
she doesn’t need to be perfect
and we need not always agree
what I mostly need from my ideal woman
is that she wants to be with me


There are always bound to be people
who will tell you how to live
whether you want them or not
their opinions they freely give
but I won’t tell you what to do
your freedom that would lessen
so however you want to live your life
I leave it to your discretion
whatever you want to do with your time
is completely up to you
it’s your choice what you say
and it’s your choice what you do
you can choose your own adventure
you can ask your own questions
your life is your own piece of art
so I leave it to your discretion
you can love whomever you want to
share your life with whomever you wish
if anyone tells you otherwise
that’s advice you should dismiss
your life is yours to call your own
so be free with your expression
whomever you want to be
I leave it to your discretion