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Planning The Route For My Summer Motorcycle Tour

Planning The Route For My Summer Motorcycle Tour

This year, I will be taking my fourth multi-state motorcycle tour in order to reach my goal of riding to all 48 contiguous states. In the last three years, I’ve put roughly 40,000 miles on my 2002 Yamaha V-Star while visiting 40 states and 2 Canadian provinces. Starting in June, I’ll be riding from Sarasota, Florida to Seattle, Washington to ride through my last 8 states.

To ride through all 48 states in 4 years, I’ll be riding through Mississippi and Louisiana first. Then, I’ll make my way up to Wyoming, through Idaho to Oregon and ride up the coast to Washington. Coming back, I’ll cross through Montana to get to North Dakota, the only continental state I’ve never been to before.

Along the way, I’ve planned for 35 stops in various cities along the way. My itinerary is certainly subject to change, but this route gets me to a lot of places I’ve never seen while also allowing me to revisit some places I want to return to. This is where I intend to visit on my tour from June through September.

Gainesville, Florida
Tallahassee, Florida
Mobile, Alabama
New Orleans, Louisiana
Jackson, Mississippi
Little Rock, Arkansas
Claremore, Oklahoma
Dodge City, Kansas
Pueblo, Colorado
Boulder, Colorado
Sweetwater Station, Wyoming
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Boise, Idaho
Bend, Oregon
Newport, Oregon
Seattle, Washington
Spokane, Washington
Missoula, Montana
Billings, Montana
Regent, North Dakota
Fargo, North Dakota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Somerset, Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Chicago, Illinois
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Columbus, Ohio
Charleston, West Virginia
Stuart’s Draft, Virginia
Independence, Virginia
Asheville, North Carolina
Greenville, South Carolina
Fayetteville, Georgia
Jacksonville, Florida
Cocoa Beach, Florida

The route will look something like this…

If you happen to live somewhere along this route and can help me connect with a place to play music, offer custom typewriter poetry, explore something new, or sleep, feel free to drop me a line at