One People

Considering the fevered pitch of last year’s political process, in November I was inspired to write a song of unity. Originally, I was going to call it “We’ve All Got To Get Through This Together”, but that’s a pretty long title, and while it is still a refrain, I opted for the shorter chorus line “One People”.

After writing the song, I put it out to my Facebook friends that I was looking for people who would like to contribute their voice to the chorus. I had about six contributions, and my very talented nephew Kyle McAllister weaved them in with the background vocals of the very talented Corina Harper, and other than my caterwauling, I think it makes for a pretty nice sounding song. I also really like the way the lyrics came together.

My intention had been to release the song on Inauguration Day as my previous three songs had been released on the 20th or 21st of their months. But I ended up receiving the master copy on that particular day so I opted to release it on 2/12/21 because I dig the numerical sequence and it’s the day after a new moon. However, I did watch the new president’s speech and was glad to hear him touch on many of the same themes that were in the song.

He started the introduction to his central theme by saying, “To overcome these challenges – to restore the soul and to secure the future of America – requires more than words. It requires that most elusive of things in a democracy: Unity.” Addressing the pandemic, he said, “I promise you this: as the Bible says weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning. We will get through this, together.” 

Based on some other things I’ve written, I’m not sure the Secret Service would let me perform at the White House, but I do think that Joe would like this song. Nevertheless, I certainly didn’t write it for him. I wrote for us, all of us who want to move beyond the divisiveness, anger, and ignorance that has plagued us for the last 4-244 years or so. 

I remember Obama saying in his farewell speech that we are a nation of laws. I prefer to think of us as a nation of people. More importantly, even beyond the borders we’ve established and flags we wave, on this whole planet, we’re all one people.

I hope you like the song and that you share it with your people. If you’re an artist and want to record your own version, please do! Huge thanks to Ken and Jen O’Connor, Elizabeth, Lockley, Tbone Rhodes, Vicki Kite, Wayne Delair, David Gittens, Jessica Clay, Corina Harper, and Kyle McAllister for their contributions!

These are the lyrics:

We’ve all got to get through this together

None of us has any place to go

We’re bound to get our share of nasty weather

But without the rain, sunshine can’t make things grow

We’ve gone through the storms and they have gone through us

Washed through our gutters to reveal our residue

Let that sunshine reveal all of the shadows

Let’s see the beauty in the ugly truth

We are one people

And it is wonderful

One from many

We are so colorful

We’ve all got to get through this together

It’s the only way that’s ever worked before

We’ve been telling the same story for forever

Now we’ve got to let our story become more

Each of us has wrestled with our demons

Our scars run deep with  vulnerability

This is how we become what we’ve dreamed we’d be

This is how we write our new mythology

We are one people

And it is wonderful

One from many

We are so colorful

We’ve all got to get through this together

It’s not like we have another choice

We can together make things so much better

If we can only sing out with one voice 

The music of humanity flows through us

Let our souls ignite as they hear the melody

May the fire spread so that it consumes us

May we find harmony

We are one people

And it is wonderful

One from many

We are so colorful

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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