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This is the first song I wrote that I actually remember, and it was the first I wrote with Matt Corbin. We were camping in Wasilla, Alaska when he started playing the tune, and I just started writing about things that leave me perplexed in life, women being the main one.

Here is the poem I use to introduce the song…

I’ve seen a lot of things in the world that have boggled my mind,

everything from the edges of space

to the true constraints of time.

But nothing I have seen

has brought me such damn consternation

as what it is that makes women tick

and draw so much adoration.

They’re the fairer of our species

and we’ve kept them from having control

over everything we do and say and how often we roll.

I’m not quite sure how we’ve made it this far

keepin’ them from makin’ decisions,

but it probably has something to do

with why we’re goin’ broke and runnin’ out of provisions.

Though I may never understand

what the mystery’s all about,

I feel that my time is the most well spent

when I’m tryin’ to figure it out.

And here’s the actual song…

Angels and devils and boxes of sand

blankets of snow and the Marathon Man

white hooded klansmen on a cold southern night

these are a few of the mysteries of life.

There’s good and there’s evil

indifferent are some

mile-high waters and a red midnight sun

upside-down kingdoms and a homecoming queen

these are a few of the mysteries I’ve seen.


So many things come into my view

none of them so enigmatic as you.

I see the world

through rose-colored glasses

you see the world as shiny and new.

What could you see

in a poor, country minstrel?

This is just part of the mystery of you.

The French Foreign Legion and mother of pearl

three lovely daughters, the youngest in curls

The National Enquirer just covers the flaws

these are a few of the mysteries I saw.

There’s a boy and a gun and a red traffic light

miles of pavement, no parking in sight

a lovely young lady just gives it away

these are a few of the mysteries today.


Does strawberry gold dust cover your head?

Do you think of me when you lie in your bed?

Do you embrace the morning with your lips wet with dew?

This is just part of the mystery of you


And this is my performance of “Mystery” at Common Grounds Meeting Hall in Northport, Florida where I screw up the lyrics in the first line. Fortunately, most of the other lyrics were sung correctly.

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

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