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“My Shot” in Charleston – Hamilton Across America

“My Shot” in Charleston – Hamilton Across America

In 2022, I rode my motorcycle 10,500 miles across the country and back to celebrate the legacy of Will Rogers. For most of those miles, I was listening to the “Hamilton” soundtrack. Since I was looking or a way to share the footage of my tour and the beautiful landscapes I was able to experience, I figured “Hamilton Across America” would give people a taste of what my ride was like.

For the first few days of the my trip, I rode in my own bliss and didn’t record anything on the camera. I tried to record my ride around Savannah since I’ve always thought it was the most beautiful city in America. Unfortunately, it was raining, and the camera ended up not working (probably due to user error).

But I found Charleston, South Carolina, which I’d seen signs for many times but had never visited, to be even prettier than Savannah. The city was used as a fort in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars (which Savannah still calls “The War Of Northern Aggression”), and the buildings are just beautiful.

Huge thanks to Lin Manuel Miranda and the cast of “Hamilton” for keeping me company and inspiring me to keep on riding.