Steve McAlphabet Motorcycling Music Across America
Motorcycling Music Across America

Motorcycling Music Across America

Starting on June 4, I will embark on a six-month journey to ride my motorcycle across America, performing music and poetry in each of the 48 contiguous states and visiting as many national parks and forests that I can. While my plans are certainly subject to change, this is my working itinerary as I hope it works out, providing I get to see the friends and family I’d like and the possibilities for performances become reality as I wind my way through the backroads of America. If you see that I’ll be passing through or close to your area, please considering hosting me for a performance of Steve McAlphabet Explains ABC Squared Economics or just for a night of rest, or just come out to listen to me busk. Thank you.


June 4 – Ride 250 miles to Camp in Bronson State Forest

June 5 – Ride 111 miles to St. Augustine, Florida: Find somewhere to busk. Enjoy the historical architecture and vibe.

June 7 – Ride 200 miles to Savannah, Georgia: busk on River Street

June 9 – Ride 40 miles to Hilton Head, South Carolina.

June 10 – Ride 240 miles to Greenville, South Carolina

June 11 – Ride 20 miles to Greer, South Carolina: Hang out and play music with Matt Corbin

June 13 – Ride 150 miles to camp in Nantahala National Forest

June 14 – Ride 100 miles to Chattanooga, Tennesee

June 15– Ride 150 miles to Nashville, Tennessee: busk on 2nd Avenue and Broadway. Hang out and play music with my nephew Kyle and play the Bluebird.

June 17-20 – Ride 200 miles to Harrodsburg, Kentucky: perform Steve McAlphabet Explains ABC Squared Economics

June 20 – Ride 40 miles to Lexington, Kentucky: Hang out with Mark Onishi

June 22 – Ride 300 miles to Cherokee, North Carolina: Play music with Adam Tebrugge

June 24 – Ride 63 miles of Blue Ridge Parkway to Asheville, North Carolina: Catch up with Misha Eli

June 25 – Asheville, North Carolina play at Ashejam and busk in downtown area

June 28 – Ride 28 miles to Visit Asheville Mountain Meadows and Mars Hill University

June 29 – Ride 406 miles of Blue Ridge Parkway to Waynesboro, Virgina

June 30 – Ride 70 miles to Clifton Forge, Virginia to visit my sister Cindy on her birthday

July 1 – Ride 60 miles to Staunton, Virginia to visit my sister Dawn

July 2 – Ride 150 miles to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia

July 4 – Ride 60 miles to Washington, D.C.: busk in Washington Metro

July 6 – Ride 50 miles to Baltimore, Maryland: busk in Harborplace

July 8 – Ride 80 miles to Wilmington, Delaware

July 9 – Ride 120 miles to Ocean City, Maryland

July 10 – Ride 100 miles to Atlantic City, New Jersey: busk on Boardwalk

July 12 – Ride 60 miles to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: busk near the tourist and historical sections

July 14 – Ride 100 miles to New York City, New York: busk in Subway; BatteryCentral, or Washington Square Parks

July 16 – Ride 150 miles to Mystic, Connecticut

July 17 – Ride 150 miles to Newport, Rhode Island

July 18 – Ride 75 miles to Boston, Massachusetts: busk at Faneuil Hall or Harvard Square

July 20 – Ride 60 miles to Portsmouth, New Hampshire

July 22– Ride 60 miles to Portland, Maine: busk in Monument Square

July 24– Ride 200 miles to Burlington, Vermont: busk in Church Street Marketplace

July 26 – Ride 175 miles to Rowe, Massachusetts:

July 28 – Ride 250 miles to Ithaca, New York

July 30– Ride 300 miles to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: busk at Roberto Clemente Bridge on 6th Street, South Side along the Monongahela River, Pittsburgh Public Market at 2100 Smallman Street, Mt. Washington, Steel Plaza – Downtown, or Squirrel Hill

July 31 – Ride 130 miles to Philo, Ohio: Two backyard concerts and First Unitarian Universalist Society Sunday meeting

August 2 – Ride 250 miles to Ann Arbor, Michigan

August 4 – Ride 140 miles to Fort Wayne, Indiana and celebrate my birthday with my sister and family

August 6 – Ride 160 miles to Cincinnati, Ohio: busk at Over-the-Rhine, Findlay Market, or Clifton

August 8 – Ride 140 miles to Indianapolis, Indiana: busk on Washington Street or Broad Ripple Avenue

August 9 – Ride 150 miles to Oakland City, Indiana to hang out with MacKenzie Elizabeth

August 10 – Ride 200 miles to Decatur, Illinois: busk in Saturday Produce Market, Richland Community College

August 12 – Ride 200 miles to Chicago, Illinois: busk onMaxwell Street or on Michigan Avenue (“Magnificent Mile“)

August 13 – Ride 150 miles to Madison, Wisconsin: busk on State Street

August 14 – Ride 275 miles to Somerset, Wisconsin: Play music with Bill Holmberg

August 16 – Ride 75 miles to Minneapolis, Minnesota: busk in Nicollet Mall, Hennepin Ave, or the Mall of America

August 18 – Ride 300 miles to Iowa City, Iowa

August 20 – Ride 300 miles to Kansas City, Missouri: busk in The Plaza, Westport, or the City Market

August 22 – Ride 300 miles to St. Louis, Missouri: busk in Delmar Loop. Hang out with my nephew Mark and his family.

August 23 – Ride 70 miles to camp in Shawnee National Forest

August 24 – Ride 180 miles to Memphis, Tennessee

August 25 – Ride 180 miles to Little Rock, Arkansas: To hang out and play music with Matt Foster and Jess McMullen at the Flyway Brewing Company.

August 28– Ride 300 miles to Claremore, Oklahoma: visit Will Rogers’ birthplace

August 29– Ride 50 miles to Tulsa, Oklahoma: busk in Brady Arts District or Blue Dome

August 30 – Ride 180 miles to Wichita, Kansas: busk in Old Town

September 1 – Ride 500 miles to Denver, Colorado

September 3 – Ride 30 miles to Boulder, Colorado: busk in Pearl Street Mall

September 5 – Ride 300 miles to camp in Nebraska National Forest

September 6 -Ride 330 miles to Standing Rock, South Dakota

September 8 -Ride 250 miles to Minot, North Dakota

September 9 -Ride 150 miles to Williston, North Dakota

September 10 – Ride 500 miles to Glacier National Park, Montana

September 12 – Ride 30 miles to Whitefish, Montana

September 13 – Ride 200 miles to Helena National Forest

September 15 – Ride 300 miles to Jackson Hole, Wyoming

September 16 – Ride 400 miles to Idaho City, Idaho

September 17 – Ride 350 miles to Walla Walla, Washington

September 18 – Ride 350 miles to Seattle, Washington: busk in Seattle Center orPike Place Market

September 19 – Ride 200 miles to Portland, Oregon: busk in Portland Saturday Market

September 20 – Ride 125 miles to Eugene, Oregon

September 21- Ride 150 miles to Crater Lake National Park

September 22 – Ride 300 miles to Reno, Nevada: Hang out with Joseph Galata

September 23 – Ride 300 miles to Guerneville, California to visit my old camping spot

September 24 – Ride 160 miles to Oakland, California: busk in Art Murmur 

September 25 – Ride 20 miles to San Francisco, California: busk in Fisherman’s Wharf or Market Street 

September 26 – Ride 100 miles to Santa Cruz, California: busk in Pacific Garden Mall and the beach area

September 27 – Ride 70 miles to Big Sur

September 28 – Ride 200 miles to Santa Barbara, California: busk on State Street

September 29 – Ride 100 miles to Santa Monica, California: busk on Third Street Promenade and the Boardwalk

September 30 – Ride 100 miles in Los Angeles, California: busk in Venice Beach and Hollywood. Visit my old apartment and ride Mulholland Drive

October 1 – Ride 40 miles to Costa Mesa, California to hang out with Katherine Kane

October 2 – Ride 200 miles to San Diego, California: busk in Seaport VillageGaslamp QuarterThe Embarcadero, or Balboa Park

October 3 – Ride 200 miles to Joshua Tree, California: Play a set of songs from the U2 album.

October 4 – Ride 250 miles to Las Vegas, Nevada: Busk on the strip

October 5 – Ride 350 miles to Bryce Canyon National Park

October 6 – Ride 130 miles to Capitol Reef National Park

October 7 – Ride 250 miles to Salt Lake City, Utah

October 8 – Ride 250 miles to Arches National Park

October 9 – Ride 50 miles to Canyonlands National Park

October 10 – Ride 400 miles to Grand Canyon National Park

October 11 – Ride 250 miles to Phoenix, Arizona

October 12 – Ride 125 miles to Saquaro National Park

October 13 – Ride 350 miles to Gila National Forest

October 15 – Ride 250 miles to El Paso, Texas

October 17 – Ride 150 miles to Lincoln National Forest, New Mexico

October 19 – Ride 125 miles to Roswell, New Mexico

October 21 – Ride 350 miles to Big Bend National Park

October 23 – Ride 400 miles to San Antonio, Texas

October 25 – Ride 100 miles to Austin, Texas: busk in 6th Street

October 27 – Ride 200 miles to Houston, Texas: busk in Montrose District

October 29 – Ride 400 miles to New Orleans, Louisiana: busk in The French Quarter

October 31- Ride 200 miles to Jackson, Mississippi

November 2 – Ride 100 miles to Bienville National Forest, Mississippi

November 4- Ride 200 miles to Mobile, Alabama

November 6 – Ride 100 miles to Blackwater River State Park

November 8 – Ride 50 miles to Pensacola, Florida

November 10 – Ride 200 miles to Montgomery, Alabama

November 12 – Ride 200 miles to Atlanta, Georgia: busk in Little Five Points

November 14 – Ride 100 miles to Athens, Georgia: busk in College Avenue

November 16 – Ride 250 miles to Valdosta, Georgia

November 18 – Ride 125 miles to Gainesville, Florida

November 20 – Ride 100 miles to Ocala National Forest

November 22 – Ride 100 miles to Orlando, Florida

November 24 – Ride 150 miles to St. Petersburg, Florida: busk on The Pier

November 26 – Ride 300 miles to Fort Lauderdale, Florida: busk on the Riverwalk

November 28 – Ride 50 miles to Miami Beach, Florida: busk on South Beach

November 30 – Ride 200 miles to Key West, Florida: busk in Mallory Square

December 2 – Ride 150 miles to Everglades National Park

December 4 – Ride 200 miles to Sarasota, Florida: busk in St. Armands Circle

I estimate that I will journey roughly 22,222 miles on this trip.