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Motorcycling Music Across America – “Feel”

Motorcycling Music Across America – “Feel”

While I normally release recordings of myself performing the songs I write, I was fortunate enough to have a very talented young woman named Corina Joy Harper produce one of them with her boyfriend, my also very talented nephew Kyle McAllister. I still love doing my version my way, but I was blown away the first time I heard their rendition.

When I wrote it a few years ago, I was supposed to be rehearsing some songs with a friend of mine, but he was too tired after working all day, and she told me how exhausting her life was. So I told her I’d write her a song. She had previously inspired my writing the song “Every Little Thing” when I was in a particularly songwriting mood but didn’t know what to write about, so I figured I’d write something supportive.

I was disappointed that she didn’t care for it much, thinking that it was alluding to the idea that she needed to be saved by a man or something, but the intention was that it was between two people that simply cared for one another, and I don’t think it’s necessarily romantic. Hearing Corina sing it really lends to that notion.

I also wrote a poem to introduce this song in “The Cowboy Cabaret”. It goes:

Sometimes life can be sad

and there are times we could all use some soothing

we don’t always get all the comfort we need

at least not by our own choosing

and when those we love really need us

sometimes we just can’t be found

so love them for all you’re worth when you’re with them

so they can still feel it when you’re not around.