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Your Daily Groove – Let Beauty Flow

Your Daily Groove – Let Beauty Flow

“Beauty is not caused. It is.”– Emily Dickinson

As much as make-up is used in our society to accentuate a woman’s beauty, beauty is not made of cosmetics. In fact, on a chemical level, most of the make-up that has been used over the last few decades consists of toxic ingredients that are anything but beautiful. Yet natural and organic ingredients are returning the beauty to beauty products once again. Still, it is not where the true beauty is found.

Although beauty is celebrated in magazines and media, true beauty cannot be fully captured in an image alone, either still or moving. It transcends even the realm of artistic expression, which points to beauty and pays homage to it in hopes of inciting the sheer emotional exhilaration that true beauty exudes. Yet it can only catch a glimmer.

True beauty captures us; it arrests us. It reaches out to us and pulls us in. Though the tactics of expression we use offer glimpses of it, it cannot be contained or defined by them. Beauty is more than just a smile, or a sunset, or a nice body, or an entire landscape. Beauty is the indefinable essence that flows through and creates it all. Let beauty flow through you and create your life.

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