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Isms Are Schisms

Isms Are Schisms

Isms are schisms, that’s just what they are

They look at what’s near to get to what’s far

Of Capital, Commune, Social, or Nihil

They all help to guide us toward ideas on trial

Isms are schisms, they condense and divide

Bonds get tight and chasms get wide

By thinking together, we develop our culture

Whatever we make, we devour like vultures

Isms are schisms, they put us into classes

They keep us in boxes and make us all act like asses

Whatever your ism, you’ve got to go deeper

Beyond all of our differences and all our agreements

Isms are schisms, ideas are ideals

Words are just symbols and emotions are feels

They are all just tools to help us become who we are

We can use them to create and we can use them to spar

If you use an ism to carve out your ego

It could be a help, a hindrance, or even placebo

The question’s not really which ism is right

and will prove to the world who has the most might

Beyond all our isms and the ways they divide us

The question’s who you are and how you’ll inspire us


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