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I may not be a very good documentarian, but I can still improve.

I may not be a very good documentarian, but I can still improve.

There is a good chance that I may not be a very good documentarian. I mean, only time will tell, but I don’t think I’ve been getting a whole lot of footage. Then again, I’m never quite sure what this movie is actually about since I’m not exactly sure what this trip is about because I’m not really sure what I’m about, but I am always enjoying the process of finding that out.
I don’t know if this world needs a return of Will Rogers, but I enjoy introducing him to people. And I don’t know if my performances of the show will have any impact on the state of our society, but it might bring some humor and ease to a few minds. And though I don’t always get the laughs that I want, I think the ideas in the show, both in Will’s words and my own, have the potential to help make people think, which could make them more amenable to be a part of the change they have been trained to believe can’t happen.
And I don’t know if the footage I’m collecting will be a feature film, a short, or a variety of videos I share, but I already have more than a few regrets of things I didn’t shoot in both photo and video so I need to make sure I don’t create any more regret by not acting like the filmmaker I want to be. Usually, when I’m not shooting, I’m just enjoying the experience of my life too much to have to ruin it by bringing a camera into the situation. But I think I need to be more selfish about grabbing shots I can use as an artist and less selfish about keeping my experience to myself and not sharing it.
Many of the photos I take are meant for Instagram, and I do want to see people enjoying them and commenting on them. However, it’s usually never enough to scratch my itch for appreciation, and more often than not, it’s actually discouraging. However, I need to look at what I’m collecting from here on out as the 41.5 million tiles of glass that comprise the Mosaic at the Basilica. Each image or video is a facet in whatever it is that I’m creating out of it. And it may very well be that it will somehow end up lopsided, and I will not have gotten all that I wanted, but it is time to change my awareness from a traveler to a filmmaker and proper documentarian.
I may get the chance to interview another couchsurfer. Sean and Kiley are hosting a guy who’s riding a recumbent bicycle. I’m not sure if he’s riding all the way across the country or through just a few states, but I’m interested in finding out. Either way, they agreed to host him before they agreed to host me so I’m getting demoted to the couch. Nevertheless, I got a shower, and my bags are packed.
hopefully, my motorcycle will be fixed tomorrow, and I can make my way to Kansas city. That’s where my next hosts live. I could possibly make it by the end of the day if they finish the job by early afternoon, but I may be doing some camping.

I also intend to start blogging instead of simply typing out pages and putting them in a bag for when I get home. It’s challenging to create a blog when I’m traveling, but it’s not impossible, and I think I can do better.

This is where the Missouri River meets the Mississippi River.