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I Look Forward To Voting For Good Someday

I Look Forward To Voting For Good Someday

Forgive my tirade. I know that this is not the time to be complaining about the two-party system, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. I just get so tired of only getting to vote for the lesser of two evils. Shouldn’t having freedom mean having the freedom to vote for someone you think it good?

I don’t really think that Joe Biden is evil, nor do I think that Mr. Trump is evil, necessarily. I think that Mr. Trump is psychologically and emotionally unwell, and probably criminally insane. But I think Biden represents a system that all too any many Americans distrust, which is why Mr. Trump has the support that he does.

While I do believe that many of Mr. Trump’s supporters actually like him for his arrogance and racism, and are just as psychologically and emotionally unwell as he is in many regards, I think that many others have just become too distrustful of the system, a system many have come to consider as evil in some regards. So they’re siding with Trump because he’s not Biden the same way that many are siding with Biden because he’s not Trump. If only freedom offered us more than two choices.

Actually, if you ask people around the world who have not been programmed to have unflinching, blind pride in America, you might be surprised at how many don’t consider it to be the beacon of wonderfulness so many Americans believe it to be. For those who are able to look at it pragmatically, we’re able to see that we’ve still got a lot of growing to do. If we’re lucky, hopefully, we can grow out of being dependent upon evil and manufactured limitations.

I look forward to the United States incorporating ranked choice voting in order to overcome the power that has consistently been handed to the Democratic and Republican parties. But for now, for the sake of the planet, I will be voting for Joe Biden in order to hopefully bring a little bit of normalcy back to our insanity.

Nevertheless, someday I hold out hope that I can actually vote for someone I believe is good.

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