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I Believe That Love Is The Answer

I Believe That Love Is The Answer

I think I was in my final year of college when I first heard this song, or perhaps it was my first year out of it. I owned a copy of the Blessid Union of Souls CD Home, which I had gotten along with a number of other CDs through the innovative thinking of the BMG Music Club. I really enjoyed the entire CD, and while this song was properly selected as the “hit”, my personal favorite was the title track, “Home”.

I would love to expound upon the message of the song but I think it’s pretty straightforward. However, I would like to point out that I actually have been in a romantic relationship with a woman of African-American descent named Lisa, and her dad actually liked me, all things considered.

So here’s the poem that introduces the song in The Cowboy Cabaret...

I Believe

We’ve got lots of issues from injustice to poverty

and we ain’t found the balance to create true equality.

We’re addicted to money and can’t get enough of it

and while few of us have it, most of us want it.

While the game may be fixed, we just keep on playin’

but there’s a better way of livin’, you know what i’m saying.

It ain’t about money or keepin’ a score.

It’s more about givin’ so you can have more.

Though unhappy rich folk call down from above,

they don’t have the answer.

The answer is love.

Enjoy the audio files of the poem and my version of the song.

Listen to the poem.
This is my version of the song.
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

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