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So Glad To Not Be 45

So Glad To Not Be 45

On August 4 of this year, I’ll be turning 46, and starting my 47 year of living on this great big dirt clod in space. While I really enjoyed being 44, 45 was kind of tough.

When I turned 44, it was nice to share my birthday with President Obama, knowing that he was probably feeling quite accomplished as he celebrated being 10 years older than me. Since 45 has become a curse word, and the commander-in-tweet, this year has taken a more sour turn.

But now I get to be 46, which is a whole year filled with opportunity for change and new beginnings. Now, I get to start the second half of the last decade before I start the second half of my first century. It’s very auspicious, and I’m much more excited about it than I was about 45.

So the first thing I’m starting is a regular blog, and the second is a new newsletter. On the blog, I’ll be posting regular articles each week, ranging from segments of my book Money, Sex, Power & Faith, poems from The Cowboy Cabaret, articles on pop culture and politics, and updates on the New Economy and stuff. I’ll be putting out a newsletter once a week to sum up what’s been posted, and what’s going on in the real world…. or maybe some other worlds.

So if you’ve ever enjoyed something that I’ve written and want the opportunity to read more, or if  you keep saying you’d really like to go see one of those Cowboy Cabaret shows you’ve been hearing so much about, or if you just want to see what I’ll get myself into next, signing up for the newsletter is a great way to keep up to date on stuff like that.

Also, if you want to give me a birthday gift, just give me your information, and let me send you stuff.

You also get another perk… once the 7th draft of Money, Sex, Power & Faith is finished, everyone on this list will get a free download of it. This will be an interesting year, so let’s have some fun with it.

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