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Feel at Common Grounds

Feel at Common Grounds

During the summer of 2019, I had a muse that inspired the song “Every Little Thing“. Basically, a muse is someone who plants a creative idea in my head that I act on. Anyway, we were supposed to get together and play some music, but she was tired after a six-day work week and asked me just to play a song in her honor.

Instead, I offered to write a song and asked her what she would like it to be about. The answer she gave me was “sad and soothing”. A couple of hours later, I sent her a recording of the song I’d written. I haven’t heard from her or seen her since.

That could either mean that she truly hated the song and didn’t have the heart to tell me or she loved the song so much she couldn’t even respond. Or it could mean that she just doesn’t care. I supposed she’s not supposed to. She was just the muse who was meant to inspire the song.

Anyway, this is my performance of the song at the Common Grounds Meeting Hall on December 20, 2019. I’ll post the lyrics before the video. I hope you like it and share it with your friends and family.

You lie in bed and you stare up at the ceiling.

Your whole life is reeling

and you just can’t get control.

Every day, you give more than you’re given.

You feel like you’ve been driven right into a hole.

Love, love has left you tattered,

your heart has been so shattered,

and your peace is all in pieces.

You’re out of strength, and all you feel is weakness.

Your world is full of bleakness,

and your hope only decreases.

This world can be so unforgiving.

You work hard to make a living,

just trying to make ends meet,

and you pull, no matter how tightly

it just seems so unlikely

that you’ll overcome defeat.

You try, but you just keep getting smacked down

as you fade into the background

and your dreams they fade to dust.

Once, your eyes they shined so brightly

but now your future looks unsightly

as your wants gave way to musts.

Though you, you just cannot see it,

I can’t help but believe it,

you’ve got a spirit in you

that lives just to pull you through.

When you’re feeling all alone,

when your energy is gone,

when you’re aching to your bones,

I hope you feel me.

When you’ve got nothing more to give,

your path has brought you to a cliff,

when it takes all you’ve got to live,

I hope you feel me.

When you can’t take another step,

and you’re shooting from the hip,

when life just gives you lip,

I hope you feel me.

When you need to find some strength,

when you’re looking for your place,

when you need someone to have faith in you,

just feel me,

Feel me loving you.

Photo by Ian Espinosa on Unsplash

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