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“Cowboy Up” Is In Paperback!

“Cowboy Up” Is In Paperback!

I am glad to announce that my latest book Cowboy Up: The Poetry of the Cowboy Cabaret is now available in paperback.

I started developing The Cowboy Cabaret as a one-man performance in which the audience got to select the songs for each show from a deck of custom cards, each with a song I knew how to play. Initially, I improvised the banter I used to introduce each of the songs. However, as I continued to perform the show, I realized I needed something a little more prepared.

I started writing short scripts for each of the songs, and on the fourteenth one, the last line rhymed, reminding me that I was a poet. From there, the rhymes just continued to flow. At the time, I was unaware of the “Cowboy Poetry” movement, but the archetypal character who has returned from beyond the horizon, and my childhood dream of being a cowboy, just seemed to organically fit for the show.

This book of poetry is mostly based on songs from the show, with a few of the songs I’ve written over the years thrown in to help balance things out. I’ve estimated that it would take me over seven hours to perform all of them, but this is the order in which I would if I had a captive audience for that long. I hope you enjoy them and that they inspire you to cowboy up.

The audiobook is in production, but order your paperback copy today!

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