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Coming Soon – “Be Here Now” – My First CD

Coming Soon – “Be Here Now” – My First CD

Given the newfound sense of mobility I now have as a motorcycle owner, I figured it was time that I up my artistic mobility as well. I figured that it was time that I produce a CD. I know it’s a bit retro, but although I’m digging the digital economy, I’m gaining a greater appreciation for things you can hold in your hand.

Plus, with the recent news that I’ll be performing at PlayThink festival in Kentucky in June, I’ve decided that I should take the opportunity to book as many performances and other experiences as I can on the way up and on the way back. Basically, if I’m going to tour, I need some merchandise for people to take home with them. While I will be taking a few copies of the books I have, CDs are a lot smaller, lighter, and more apt to sell.

I’m calling the album “Be Here Now”. It consists of 8 tracks that I recorded in the studio, mixed mostly by my nephew Kyle McAllister and my friend Wayne Delair of Jumpdog Audio Productions, and 8 tracks that were recorded at Northport’s Common Grounds Meeting Hall in December of 2019 with drummer Ray Istorico.

The title comes from the first words of the poem that I painted on my guitar, Georgia, when I rescued her from the pawn shop and gave her a makeover. The entirety of the poem goes…

Be here now

in the moment

in the mix of music

where time stops for rhythm

and muses dance between the moments

as the creator is revealed through the notes

and touches your heart in the melody

thus is music life

Georgia helped write most of the songs on the album so I figured she should be prominent on the cover. Plus, since buying another guitar a few weeks ago, I know she’s feeling neglected. She’s also probably not gonna be happy that I’m taking my new guitar on the trip and leaving her at home. At least she’ll have the album cover.

I’ve got a dozen other songs that are currently in production, but I figured this was a good place to start. I don’t think I’ll have the CDs available online for awhile. For the time being, I’ll just be making them available at live performances and other events, you know, in the real world.

If you’d like to order a copy, or a few, email me at