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Better Blogging With Video

Better Blogging With Video

There is a very good chance that I am one of the world’s worst bloggers. Although this technology has been open to me for years, I have been very reluctant to take advantage of it. Far of it is due to a deep-seated mistrust in giving myself over to technology, and part of it is a deep-seated mistrust in myself.

Although quite a few people applaud me for being a leader because I’m carefree enough to speak my mind and be a lifestyle stuntman, there are still a lot of times that I don’t speak, act, or really participate in the life around me at all. One of my friends once described me as an egomaniac with self esteem issues, and that may very well be the case. I do have a rather profound ego, and I often have a difficult time coming to grips with it.

Nevertheless, supposedly, we only get one go around on this dirt clod in space, so I figure I better start making more of it and not letting fear or laziness keep me from living the life I imagine. Since I recently upgraded my phone, and it has a complete video production studio in it, I’m going to start doing a better job of telling my story, even if it is just a ploy to make my ego feel better. Ultimately, even if my ego turns out to be my worst enemy, it still allows me to do some pretty cool stuff that helps people, and it tends to find its way into interesting places and scenarios.

I hope you enjoy the ride.


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