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Being The Change

Being The Change

Gandhi said to be the change you want to see in the world. I have not always done that, but I’ve tried. And I am still trying.

Granted, I have engaged in lifestyle stunts like hitchhiking across the country and visiting alternative communities or attempting to live for a year without the use of money. However, I think that the biggest changes I make are the little things I do.

Last week, I planted the seeds from my spaghetti squash and now I have sprouts in the garden. As I was kayaking today, I pulled 30 plastic bottles out of Whitaker Bayou, and I will not have to see them tomorrow. Yesterday, I wrote these words, and now I get to share them with you.

Some may say that we need bigger changes in the world, and I hope that my theory on ABC Squared Economics will help with that. But in the meantime, little changes make a big difference. so I’m just going to keep doing things that make me smile and hopefully I’ll help some other people to smile more as well. It may very well be that more smiles are the change I really want to see, and the change we really need..

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