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Be Here Now

Be Here Now

This song was written by my friend Truman Adams, who is a multi-talented artist most known for painting murals and creating 3-D chalk art. When I learned it, he’d forgotten a couple of lyrics so I made up a few to balance out the second verse. He’s since remembered the original lyrics, but since mine say “if I can just let go of my damn ego,” he hasn’t pushed too hard to make me change it.

This is the poem the song inspired…

With all the roaming I’ve always done
Setting in a new place for every sun
I’ve seen the world and the beauty within it
And I can’t help but to be in love with it
Not a day goes by I don’t find myself grateful
Amidst all of the angry and all of the hateful
If you wanna be happy, let me tell you how
Let go of the bullshit and just be here now

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