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Are You Searching Too?

Are You Searching Too?

The road gets lonely at times. And although my hitchhiking adventures had introduced me to quite a few men who wanted to spend some cuddly time with the long haired young straggler with the bright blue eyes and pretty mouth, I wanted to hold out for the affections of the fairer sex. And though I’m thankful to have spent some time with some extremely vivacious specimens of the feminine variety along the way, as I was out there doing my thing, there’s always been the hope that I could find someone who’d actually want to do my thing with me.


I wrote this song during my stint as a crush worker at Korbel winery during the 2002 grape season in Guerneville, California. I was living in a tent at the time, and had a guitar that a girlfriend let me borrow for a while. I would think about a lot of lyrics throughout my day of working, and jot them down on assorted pieces of paper, returning to my tent in the evening to try to figure out how to play the music to accompany them on guitar.

Unfortunately, someone eventually stole the guitar which did not make my girlfriend happy. But on the plus side, I was able to write quite a few songs before the theft.

When I returned to Sarasota, I met a young hip hop artist that wanted to sample the song for one of his own. Although not much became of the hip hop version, it still made me feel like a true rockstar. 

While I’m much more skeptical of true love than I was when I wrote the song, I’m still searching for it.

This is the poem I use to introduce the song.

There’s a fantasy we’re told as children

through all of our fairy tales

that true love is waiting for each of us.

It’s the wind that fills our sails.

So we spend our lives in constant search

as we try to find the one

as if they can complete us

and our purpose will be done.

And though I think it’s idealistic

to put so much stock in just one person,

that they’re the key to make us who we are

to make us the perfect version

of ourselves or who we’re supposed to be

so that we can feel complete,

the idea does sound rather tempting

I’d really love to meet

someone who can be all of those things

someone who’ll be my true blue

so though it’s probably a long shot

I’m wondering,

are you searching too?



This is the actual song…

All that I can give you is my time

and all my heart and soul

and everything I am

sometimes it ain’t much,

I think I’ve lost enough

can you tell me what’s in store

if I give it away once more

or are you searchin’ too?

Can you make my wandering end?

Are you here as a friend?

Are you another foe, another closing door

another stop along the way, the end to another day

a day I’ll come to rue, or are you searching too?

Can I stop this infernal search?

Are your stained eyes my church?

Are you a goddess I can praise, a love to last my days?

Is sanctuary in your arms and comfort in your smile

or should I walk another mile to find what my heart needs,

a way to make me bleed, are you the answer to my call

are you my all in all, or are you searching too?

What’s a broken man to do, could I say I love you?

I’ve been alone so long, my rights have all been wrong.

Will you listen to my song or will you hum another tune?

Oh, have you sung the blues, are you searching too?

Do I find cause to celebrate, is it too soon to wait

for an answer to my plea of who you are to me

or should I be more concerned with the lessons that i’ve learned

the times that I’ve been hurt and old flames that have burned

or should I try to see instead of what you are to me

what I can be for you, are you searching too?

Do the scars upon your heart rip when it beats?

Have you been fooled by cheats?

Have you been hurt before, are you afraid of more?

Cuz what I’m lookin’ for is time tested and true

and I’m looking right at you, are you searching too?


And here’s the hip hop mash up for you.


This is my last performance of the song at Common Grounds Meeting Hall in Northport, Florida.

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