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A Walk In The Village

A Walk In The Village

I’m a big fan of walking, and I’ve missed it since moving to Village of the Arts. Near my last home, Pinecraft Park offered me some incredible hiking trails that would allow me to be ensconced in Nature, and it was part of my spiritual practice to go walk in the woods a few times a week. However, I don’t have that much nature around me anymore, and I’ve gotten out of the practice of walking.

But I’m back, baby. And since I often think better when I walk, although I’ll be using the first part of my walk for meditative purposes, I want to also use these walks to talk through what I think the world needs to know.

Now, I don’t know if I have as much to offer as a lot of the other YouTubers who tell you how you can improve your business and improve your life. But I do believe that the best way to live your life is to simply get out there and live it. So personally, I’m getting more intentional with the life that I’m living.

Part of that is minimizing the time that I spend consuming media. So I fully get the irony of me starting off this new YouTube series of me walking around talking to you and telling you that you should be watching less YouTube. But that’s the wonder of Steve McAllister. I’m a mystery wrapped in an enigma rolled up in a burrito and stuffed into an oxymoron… with a pickle on the side.

Nevertheless, I do think that I have some things to say that will help you, and I hope that you keep coming back to check my blog and watch my videos, especially the ones that I actually spend time producing, like “Song For The People” or the Money, Sex, Power & Faith series.

But even if you just watch my little walking and talking videos, I’ll do what I can to inspire you to get out and live your best life every day, just the way I’m trying to do. So enjoy my videos and then get away from your screen and notice something in the real world that you’ve never noticed before.

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