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What’s the Real Importance of a Country Song?

What’s the Real Importance of a Country Song?

As I start promoting my new show The Cowboy Cabaret, I should point out that while I don’t quite sound like the whiny old yodelers of yesteryear, there is still an adequate amount of country to the show. This isn’t too deter those who aren’t fans of country music from coming, as the show also contains a hefty blend of rock, pop, show tunes and children’s songs. Nevertheless, country songs are a part of the American vernacular and do much to help us understand why we’re as messed up as we are.

I wrote this song with Matt Corbin… or rather, Matt Corbin wrote most of it, and I helped him find some rhymes.

There’s something about a country song
They’re obliged to say how we’ve done it all wrong
Something about bein poor and all that you lose
The white mans version of singin the blues
But of all the things we may have lost, 
our truck, our dog, our dental floss
There ain’t nothing as bad as losin a love
And knowin it was you that made her run off

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