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You’re The One That I Want

You’re The One That I Want

Olivia Newton-John was my first on-screen crush. when I saw her in Greece, I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. 

I have since heard this scene criticized because the character of Sandy decides to basically become someone else in order to please her man, and I have to agree that it doesn’t send a good message to teach people to give up who they are in order to fit in. Nevertheless, at the time, it allowed Olivia Newton-John to encompass the full spectrum of what a woman was. Throughout most of the film, she was sweet, kind, and innocent, but by the end, she was sexy, mysterious, and the kind of girl that would drive my mother nuts. For me, Olivia Newton-John was everything.

After playing around with my own version of this song, I heard other covers with artists slowing it down and making it into more of a ballad. Although my version may not be necessarily original, it is always a delight to see the faces of people in the audience when I perform this song. And now that I have built in the lyrics of we go together as the introductory poem, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Sometimes we meet a person whose got everything we need.

While they make you feel the healin’

they also make your heart bleed.

You feel like you go together and nothing could be wrong

singing rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong.

And your shoo bop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom

gots your dip da dip doo wop doo da da doo bee doo.

You feel like you’ve finally made it all the way to the top

shaking up your chang chang changity chang sha bop.

Your heart feels like a shaken can of cherry soda pop

makes you

boogedy boogedy boogedy boogedy shooby doo wop she bop.

You know that you’d be happy to finally jump the broom

singing sha na na na na na na yippity dip de doom.

When you find that special someone

and it makes you feel all hot

those times you just gotta say it,“Baby, you’re the one that i want.”

Here’s my version of the song…

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