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The People That Made Me

The People That Made Me

I started writing my song “The People That Made Me” a few years ago. It actually began as a celebration of the real people in my life who have helped craft me into the person that I am, for better or for worse. Originally, there were verses that named a number of the friends I’ve made through the years and how they’ve contributed to my life, both my brothers and lovers.

However, I wanted the song to be more universal, and for other people to be able to sing it, if they are so inclined, so the lyrics have evolved over the years. I was able to get it produced through the grace and talent of Wayne Delair with JumpDog Audio Productions, and it is available for purchase as a download and for streaming on platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora. I’ve also produced two videos for the song, one with all of the people that have actually made me, and one with just the lyrics to the song.

I’ve included it in my new book of poetry, Cowboy Up, along with the introductory poem below. I’ve also entered it into a few songwriting contents. I’ll be sure to share if I actually win one. In the meantime, I hope you like the song. Feel free to share it with your friends.

Whatever we’re goin’ through and wherever we’re goin’,

there’s a number of people that we end up knowin’

that help us become the people we are

by teaching us lessons about the world near and far.

They talk us through problems and help us through issues

and when we really need it, they offer us tissues.

Sometimes they’re friendly and sometimes they’re mean,

sometimes they’re lovers and sometimes enemies,

but each and every one, whether they cheer or berate you,

the people around you are the people that make you.

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