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Listen to “Money, Sex, Power & Faith”

Listen to “Money, Sex, Power & Faith”

Enjoy these recordings of the book. You can download each of these to listen on the go, or play them directly from this page.

The Convergence of Culture
One For The Money
Two To Tango

Unfortunately, the file for “Who’s Got The Power?” wouldn’t upload, but you can read it here.

Can We Let Faith Flow?
In The Time Before Money
The Dawn of Separation
The Advent of the Ego
Booted From Eden To Start Agriculture
In Debt We Trust
In The Beginning Was The Word And The Word Was Money
Let Me Hear That Jingle Jangle
And God Said, “Let There Be Money”
The Corporate Creed
Packing The Canon To Fire
Crusading For Coinage
The Inquisition Gets Medieval On Your A$$
A Whole New World
Protest And Reform
We Want Wampum
A Tangent On Tobacco
Bring On Utopia
Reformed Into Obsolescence
Bloodshed And Witchcraft – A Legacy Of Faith
They’re Coming To America
The Revolution Of Industry
The Wealth Of A Nation
A Steaming Bowl of Capitalism
Church And State Decide To See Other People
Wake Up, America! There’s A Good Chance You’re Going To Hell
Almost Democracy
Congress Throws A Party
Slavery Revisited
America Makes Money
From Citizen To Consumer
Hemp, Hemp Hooray!
Communism Considered
Women Work On Equality
The Height Of Happiness And The Sexual Revolution
The Me Generation
Corporations Get A New Lease On Life
Playing With Bubbles
The Finesse Of Finance
The Economy Of War
A History Of Violence
An Imprisoned Population
The Rainbow Connection
Money Returns To The Virtual World
Ollie Ollie Oligarchy
You Gotta Have Faith
Economics Beyond Money
Balancing Sex And Economy
The Future Of Democracy
Reclaiming Our Power
The Power Of Faith