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What I Learned About Money When I Went A Year Without It

What I Learned About Money When I Went A Year Without It

First, contrary to what the philosophy behind the market economy may have led you to believe, money is not vital to life. Most pretty much know that from the get go, but for those of you who are addicted to the construct of a debt-based currency, it bears repeating. If we are to advance as a civilization, we must embrace the understanding that we don’t necessarily need the antiquated technology of money as we know it now. It is simply a tool we choose to use because we’ve been taught to for thousands of years and it seems to make life easier. However, there are far better ways of operating in the world to allow for a much smoother flow for the current of life.

63150_77e6e5cc019d1621f275a3a7f8a81546_largeThe second lesson I learned builds on the first – there are better ways possible. As much as many want to cling to capitalism in its current form as the best economic system the world has ever seen, we must realize we still have the capacity to learn and grow. To think the current standard operating procedure of indebtedness, environmental degradation, and class disparity is the best it’s ever going to get is not only myopic, it’s just downright stubborn.

Though some say humanity’s current course of action may make the planet uninhabitable within a few decades, we really do have the opportunity to turn that tide if we stop being so prideful about our beloved economic machine and start appreciating the fact that we have ingenuity yet untapped due to our vanity. I know it seems almost ironic, but if we could only get over our pride, we may be able to discover how incredible we really are.

Lastly, and probably the most important lesson we need to learn is we already have all of the answers we need. Regardless of our traditions or cultural upbringings, we have all been granted luminaries who have shown us paths for operating in the world to guide us toward the happiness we all seek. These paths are not about the destination. They are not about achieving goals or reaching mountaintops. They are about operating with the understanding the interconnectedness of all life. Even the paths themselves are unimportant. The paths are only conduits for the essence of what they are really about.

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