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Keep It Simple, Stupid – February’s Song of the Month

Keep It Simple, Stupid – February’s Song of the Month

One of my commitments as an artist is to write a song a month. Although I may eventually do more, preparing for the Leap Day Hootenanny tonight and my Seamus O’Day and the Irish Way performances in March has already got me pretty well stretched. So this month, I kept it simple.

I wanted to write a song that spoke to the ignorance of duality, and how the same mentality the Bible says got humanity booted out of paradise, chewing on the knowledge of good and evil, is what we are basing our politics on. Obviously, I can’t do that without a bit of satire.

My housemate Don asked me how I would feel if this song contributed to people not voting. I hope that it doesn’t contribute to that. In actuality, I hope the song becomes a rallying cry for ranked-choice voting and helps work toward the decimation of the Democratic and Republican parties.

But for now, I hope it’s something people like to dance to.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks!


In the early days of planet Earth, in the seat of paradise

Adam had it good with Eve his wife

Spending all day naked

Eating what they liked

There’s no way they could have had a better life

But a snake he came a calling

And said that all ain’t good

You ain’t yet met evil but you should

So he made a big fruit salad

Filled with the knowledge he bestowed

And chewing on that good and evil cost their souls

He said, you don’t need paradise

You can cuss and fume and whine

Your eternal bliss is just a waste of time

Keep it simple stupid

There’s only good and bad

They’re the only choices that you’ve ever had

Keep it simple, stupid

There’s only right and wrong

Your choice is just as simple as this song

So keep it simple and stupid

Four score and seven years ago plus a hundred fifty more

The founding fathers opted to keep score

The parties were established and everyone picked sides

And truth decided to go run and hide

They weren’t quite ready for democracy and opted for republic

When you’re on a team, you don’t even need a stomach

Your decisions are made for you

Whether you pick red or blue

It saves so much time deciding what to do

Keep it simple stupid

Life is just a game

You’ve always got somebody else to blame

Keep it simple, stupid

there is us and there is them

anything more complex would be mayhem

So keep it simple and stupid

You don’t have to worry ’bout your conscience

You don’t have to worry bout no facts

Too much thinking tends to get obnoxious

Just pick a side and let your judgment lapse

Keep it simple, stupid

You got no need to think

No need to think that you’re the missing link

Keep it simple, stupid

We got the system that we got

No need to give it another single thought

You got right and left, red and blue, conservative and liberal

Republican or Democrat, the vital and the trivial

There are just so many options

In our choices between the two

We never have to worry what to do

Just pick your next defender in the battle we have chosen

Your masters gave you two options

It’s not like your will is frozen

There’s no need for integrity

There’s nothing you need to know

You can vote any way you want to

Provided, for the status quo

Keep it simple stupid

Just play your little role

You’re sure to get a fair price for your soul

Keep it simple, stupid

Just don’t rock the boat

It may not matter who you vote for when you vote

But keep it simple and stupid

Photo by The Miscellanista on Unsplash

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