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Is Two The Best We Can Do?

Is Two The Best We Can Do?

is this two-party system the best we can do?

or can we innovate more?

technology expands with More’s law

but politics is a bore

somehow, we’ve groomed this game

so that it continues to divide us

following the old pattern of us versus them

now all it does is spite us

diminishing us to our basic flaw

the battle of good versus evil

the knowledge that banned us from paradise

and continues to spawn upheaval

while 30 “third” parties act as community theater

in our pageant of the body politic

that we only give credence to two of them

really does make us lunatics

the night and day of left and right

and the parties that they throw

the limited choices of two lesser evils

is really no way to grow

our democracy isn’t given to us

it is something we create

it’s not a product or a commodity

or a gold trimmed dinner plate

it’s an idea that we are equal

and as we continue to inhabit the planet

your input is as important as mine

but we really need to admit

that we’re all just making this up as we go

and doing the best we can

but we can’t become complacent

democracy requires every woman and man

with ranked choice voting we can progress

to hear more than the two corporations

the manufactured contrivance of democrat and republic

has become an abomination

we the people are more than that

we know that life is more than a market

but if we want to sell things now and then

it would be nice to still have a planet

we need to expand our vision

beyond the line at the bottom

we need a more complete worldview

to let democracy blossom