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If I Were Elected President

If I Were Elected President

if i were elected president

the first thing i would do

after my inauguration

and all of the hullabaloo

i would start to build a cabinet

that was open to expansion

to include all of we the people

i think the government needs a new branch and

we should name this branch the department of peace

beyond olives or doves and buddhist hippies

but a confabulation of all of those things

an organization of what makes our hearts sing

with technology that is open sourced

we would begin to build a platform

to help us communicate better

on how to make life an art form

and inside this department

the fourth to help balance the three

like our hearts, it would have four parts of its own

to create the flow that we need

the department of creativity celebrates the arts

the humanity of expression and what makes us who we are

this department helps us to innovate

to educate and collaborate too

it is where we cultivate laughter and tears

to tell a new story about me and you

because we’re more than just parts of a market

but that’s important too

so the department of commerce is assigned with the task

of helping the economy bloom

currently there are a number of ways

that we can trade and share

to value abundance over scarcity

this department helps make us aware

of which resources are here or there

and what everybody needs

as we transition from being such mindless consumers

we form the department of citizenry

wisely, we realize we require this planet

if we hope to continue the life of our species

we got to think a lot more about resilience

and we’ve got to think about sustainability

because it’s ridiculously stupid to turn things into garbage

simply to profit a few

to realize greater wealth in the people we are

is what the department of community will do

so my platform is a platform

in my presidential bid

to make our government based

on our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits

just like our creator did