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I Just Want To Play Music When I Grow Up

I Just Want To Play Music When I Grow Up

Over the years, I have prided myself on being a renaissance man as I have staunchly held my ground on never settling for one single career. Unfortunately, in trying to be all things, I often feel like I have ended up becoming somewhat of a nothing.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s been a rollercoaster of a life, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. Yet I would be lying if I didn’t say that I have a considerable collection of regrets. For many things I tried to be, I wish I had pushed myself a little harder and exercised more confidence in myself and the people around me. 

But in all that I’ve done, as I’ve experienced the process of acting, screenwriting, authoring and publishing books, running for public office, event planning, video production, social media marketing, theorising economic design, philosophizing, tour guiding, blogging, performing as a lifestyle stuntman, or any of the other jobs, gigs, or services I’ve offered over the years, nothing brings me as much fulfillment as performing songs I’ve written for an audience that listens to them. So from here on out, I’m just going to focus on doing that. 

Fortunately, I think that all of the other skills I’ve dabbled in will be quite helpful in creating opportunities for me to follow my bliss and do what I feel is the most suitable job for me. Plus, considering that I am very conscious of my carbon footprint, I believe that being a performing artist is probably one of the most eco-friendly things I can possibly be right now. Since CDs have become largely obsolete, and my products are now primarily digital, I don’t have to feel badly about making more plastic products. And while it does take energy to run lights and audio equipment, my service is creating an experience that inspires empathy, understanding, humor, and the joy of living. 

Granted, there will most likely come a day that I will feel compelled to be an author and write my book on ABC Squared Economics, or act in a play, or produce a film. However, after a few decades of trying to do everything and not feeling very accomplished, I’m kind of stoked about just putting my energy toward one thing for a while. 

Of course, my experience of pursuing excellence in this one thing and finding success in it is actually the fodder I need to finish my next book anyway. You see, ABC Squared Economics is an economic theory of mine based on the premise that we can create a more democratic, resilient, and sustainable economy if we look to the four elements of nature – water, air, earth, and fire – and how those elements present in humans – heart, mind, body, and spirit – to realize ourselves as the Artists, Businesses, Citizens, and Community members we are by channeling our digital financial flow to address those aspects of our being. But at this stage, it’s just a theory, and any book I may write about it would just be a bunch of fluff. However, now that I am producing and releasing the more than 30 songs that I have written so far, I am creating the opportunity to have multiple streams of residual income that I can then direct where I think it should go in order for me to create the art of my life, support those who support me with their business, take responsibility for my own citizenry, and more adequately participate in my community.

I’ve currently got tracks recorded to release a new single every month for the next 14 months. I sure hope people listen to them.