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Your Daily Groove – Find Hidden Beauty

Your Daily Groove – Find Hidden Beauty

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

There are those who have the great misfortune of seeing only the ugliness of the world. There are those who turn away from the ugliness to only entertain the beautiful. Yet the truly blessed among us are those who have somehow attained the ability to see the beauty in everything.

While some may consider the inner workings of the human body as disgusting, the perfection with which it works is beautiful. Though the concept of decay may seem morose, it is beautiful in that it sets the stage for life to again be renewed. Though our attitudes of anger, fear, and bigotry bring the ugliness of our hearts to the forefront, they offer the beautiful hope of forgiveness, growth, and understanding.

Use this day to find some beauty in a place where you have never seen it before.

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