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Fade Into You

Fade Into You

There was a time in my life where I had great ambitions to be a filmmaker. When I heard this song, I could imagine using it in a romantic scene. I was mortified when I heard it being used in the film Starship Troopers during a scene in which a conflict took place in the dining hall, thinking that it was a horrible use of the song and a complete waste of its potential.

I haven’t played this song publicly very often, but when I have, I’ve always gotten comments of appreciation for doing it. It’s a really simple song, and I’m surprised that I don’t hear more people doing it. I still don’t understand what some of the lyrics mean, but I feel that I get the gist of it.

Although I was growing a bit more cynical about the idea of monogamous romance, the idea does still hold great appeal to me due to my growing up on romantic comedies and Disney movies. While I still feel compelled to hold my own ground and invest my energy in becoming the person I think I should be, I still hold out hope for finding someone that I can fade into.

Here’s the poem I use to introduce the song.

I’ve only fallen in love one time

but that one time was for eternity.

Although I may not seem consistent,

I consistently give love earnestly.

Perhaps I don’t feel like I’m enough

and need to find a partner,

someone I can give my life to 

without feeling like a martyr.

Perhaps we’ve all been programmed

to try to find the one,

someone who will complete us

so that we can feel like we’re done.

While we may actually be enough

and have nothing we really need to pursue,

we all still want to feel connection

and find someone to fade into.

Here’s my version of the song…

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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