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Eternal Life Is Now

Eternal Life Is Now

When I was growing up in the Christian church, the idea of eternal life seemed to always be explained as an afterlife in the future. However, once I left the religion, and started looking at what Christ had to teach instead of what Christianity had to sell, I came to an entirely different understanding of it.

When I found the courage to explore other traditions besides my own, I was able to see that many other spiritual traditions share a very similar message to that which is shared in the red letters of Jesus Christ and even quite a bit of what the apostle Paul had to say. Since then, I have come to believe that the truths that resonate throughout these various traditions are much more powerful than any of the doctrines or dogmas that any particular religion  forces its adherence to claim as truth.

For instance, while it’s probably true that many card-carrying Christians do understand the concept of eternal life and live out their moments in service to their Lord, the organization as a whole seems to miss the point of Jesus’ wisdom by idolizing the scriptures of the past while the waiting for their gift of heaven in the future. But eternity doesn’t happen in the future, it happens now.

For those who are open to it, life has everything you need in this very moment. It may not always offer everything you crave, but it offers everything you need.

Take a deep breath right now in this moment and be grateful for it. Carry that gratitude throughout your day and be thankful for the ability to live now, however challenging it may be.

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