Steve McAlphabet Motorcycling Music Across America


“Enough”a poem by Steve McAllister

we don’t really need to serve our traditions of debt

that tell us that life must be tough

at any time we can say there will be no more

we can embrace the idea of enough

we don’t need to serve the economy of more

we don’t need to continually enable greed

we can take a step back and take a deep breath

and reconsider what we really need

but, some may say, what about all my rights

to have all that I can purchase

you’re certainly free to hoard up all you want

even if it does submerge us

because we all must be beholden

to all the free market offers

and we can only track and feel in control

when we’re exchanging dollars

and certainly times have proven

how much gets done when we let money flow

but before we consume every morsel of life

let’s reconsider where we want to grow

because our piles of garbage are growing fast

and they’re filled with things that we have mined

people ’round the world dig through that trash

just hoping that they’ll find

a treasure we discarded

because we didn’t know its value

but if we grew our sense of awareness

there’s so much more we could do

if we grew our responsibility

to the planet we inhabit

we wouldn’t act so flippantly

we wouldn’t have to panic

if we could grow our love for nature

and remember we’re part of it

and realize how much it would behoove us

if we could learn to love it

half as much as we pretend to love ourselves

as we try to fill the holes in our hearts

with commodities and consumables

don’t you think it’s time we start

to honor our mother more than we have

and thank her for how she provides

she gave us this little window of paradise

which is the only reason we’re alive

the debt we owe her is more than the debt we’ve incurred

in our voracious race for more stuff

the best way we can repay her

just to learn how to say “enough”

Photo by Rux Centea on Unsplash