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Does The Truth You’re Seeking Have a “Big T” Or A “small t”?

Does The Truth You’re Seeking Have a “Big T” Or A “small t”?

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

Humans like to have things figured out. Sometimes, in our search for the “Big T” Truth, we come across some “small t” truths that we think are “Big T” Truth. Generally, when we attach our egos to “small t” truths, it makes them seem like “Big T” Truth because our egos inflate everything to ridiculous proportions. 

“Small t” truths may be true for a time and are usually true only for certain people, but they aren’t “Bit T” Truth because they’re not true universally. For instance, those who have come from the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church believe that the Bible is the “perfect, inerrant, infallible Word of God”, and they perceive that as a “Big T” Truth. In actuality, it’s a “small t” truth because it’s only true for believers in the Roman Catholic Church and its offshoots, many of whom have different interpretations of their “small t” truth. Also, it only started being “true” when the Bible was finally canonized by the Church in 1546, after 1,000 years of being a bit wishy washy in which books were in or out, and several millennia before that when the book didn’t exist at all.  

Often, especially in political climates like the one we’re currently in, many people like to cling very tightly to “small t” truths. They’re like teddy bears when you’re afraid or pacifiers when you’re teething. However, those who are seeking a more expansive experience of life will let go of the “small t” truths and open themselves up to seek for the “Big T” Truth. 

The activity of finding these truths is quite different. Basically, when people seek after the “small t” truths, there is a lot of talking and convincing required. In seeking the “Big T” Truth, it is most often discovered in absolute silence. 

What kind of truth are you seeking?