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Dear Mona Lisa – Song of the Month

Dear Mona Lisa – Song of the Month

Around the beginning of the month, I started plucking out a song. Generally, when I write a song, the music comes first. Usually, within the next few minutes or hours, the words start to come.

When my latest song started, I felt that the first words of the song would be a refrain, some sort of call out, but, of course, I didn’t know what that was yet. For about two weeks, the melody ran through my head, but no words came. Well, a few words came, but they didn’t linger long.

I’ve been recording my other songs in preparation for recording an album of my originals so it didn’t worry me. I knew the words would come eventually. They always do. However, I did pledge to write a song a month, and once I passed the halfway point, I knew I needed to give it a little attention.

This is my copy.

A few nights ago, I started playing the chords and feeling the melody again. I felt the song would be inquisitive and calling out to someone, and it finally came to me.

I’ve had a small copy of the Mona Lisa that I found on the side of the road hanging on my wall for about a year, and in my current home, I pass by her every time I come and go. Anyway, it’s not like my eyes fell on her and the song popped into my head, but her presence in my life was definitely an inspiration.

The original is in much better shape than mine.

I started thinking about what I would ask her about. She has been around for over five centuries, after all, and she is the most valuable painting in the world. Although she’s considered “priceless”, it’s estimated that she’s worth about 850 million dollars. I just read that some have recently suggested that France sell her to pay for their coronavirus costs.

Once the idea was there, I let it simmer for about a day. Then the words came. Six verses of them. I hope you like them, and I hope you like the song.

Dear Mona Lisa”

Dear Mona Lisa

I decided to write you a song

Something behind your bemused little smile

Tells me you know what’s going on

With all that you’ve seen through the ages

Even behind all of that glass

Time has been turning its pages

You’ve stayed the same as ages have passed

I’ve got a number of questions

And I hope that you’ll hear me out

I can tell by your facial expression

That you have your doubts

Dear Mona Lisa

How does it feel to be so loved

Millions of people come to see you

But you still look like you need a hug

There’s no other woman more treasured

Your value is well beyond price

But I wonder if you find pleasure

In all of those long lonely nights

What is it like to be so loved and admired

What’s it like to be so well known

There are so many that you’ve inspired

But you’re all alone

Dear Mona Lisa

What’s it like to be on display

Do you ever care what they think about you

Do you wish that they’d just go away

With all of the time under that light

To be scrutinized the way that you are

To constantly be under their sight

Has got to feel really bizarre

As we enter a state of surveillance

And give up all our privacy

Tell me what it’s like to be famous

Without anxiety

Dear Mona Lisa

Oh, the changes you must have seen

Over five hundred years we’ve stumbled through progress

And came to rely on machines

Things in your day were more simple

We’ve made things much more complex

Now all our free time has dwindled

And most of us are rather perplexed

The Renaissance you were a part of

Brought science and enlightenment

The Dark Ages that we’ve started

Hearken entitlement

Dear Mona Lisa

Have times really changed all that much

Rich men were in charge when you came to light

And the powerful have barely budged

We’ve made a small bit of progress

But there’s more that we still can achieve

There are still men who’ll tell you that when you smile

You should always show teeth?

I suppose I should be thankful

To live in these interesting times

I appreciate you sharing your angle

In forming these rhymes

Dear Mona Lisa

What wisdom can you bestow

Do you think we’re gonna make it

Will we ever maintain control?

Our world seems so out of balance

And you just seem so calm and cool

Now we are faced with the challenge

In rewriting all of the rules

How do we value each other

How do we value ourselves

Do you think we’ll ever discover

How to be well

Dear Mona Lisa

I hope you can hear my song

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