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Change the World by Finding Connections and Common Ground

Change the World by Finding Connections and Common Ground


keep-calm-and-change-the-world-72I’d really like the world to change. In my lifetime, I would really like to see so many things happen that are currently stalemated by intolerance, bigotry, and ignorance. But I know that any change I’d like to see has to start with me. So I’d like to start by finding common ground and sharing it with others.

I think that essentially we must find the wisdom to respect one another and the differences that we have if we will ever be able to find our similarities. We each have different paths, different purposes, different traditions, and we are all at different stages of consciousness. Once we can accept that fact about one another, realizing that not everyone has to agree with us on everything in order for us to connect on anything, we will start to find harmony in our existence.

You cannot say to the Mona Lisa and Whistler’s Grandmother, “You are both paintings. You are both of women. You should really look the same. Change your colors. Change your images.” They cannot do that. They are the way they are for a reason. They are from different artists. They have different purposes. They elicit different emotions and find people at different stages of consciousness.

So it is with each of us. We cannot expect anyone to align directly with us if they have been painted by another artist. Each of us is from different cultures, different countries, different religions, different households, and different skin. None of us have the same path. Even biological twins have different personalities. It is a beautiful thing that we are all so different and combine to make such an eclectic portrait of humanity.

It is exciting to see the acceptance of diversity grow in this country and around the world. It is exciting to finally see us reaching the level of emotional and social maturity where we can respect the outlooks of another even though they are completely contrary to our own.

Each of us embrace different cultural idioms. Each of us identify with different societal norms. Each of us have our own favorite films for entirely different reasons. Each of us, even those of us who sit side by side on the same pew, have a different understanding of God. Once we realize that, respecting the fact that everyone has his own precious perspective, we will be more efficient in finding common ground. For although we will always have our differences we will also always have our similarities. And though our differences should be appreciated, it is our similarities which bring us connection.

Our differences are only connections which do not exist. Think about that. The things that we spend so much energy on, arguing, bickering, fighting, warring, conniving, and hating don’t even exist. What would happen to the world if we were to put that much energy into the connections that do exist? What astounding triumphs could we reach If we would realize one another’s goals as our own, allow the differences to be there, and simply strive toward the goal we know would bring us joy?

What a wonderful way to change the world.


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